Citizen Science project bringing science closer to the South American community through the charismatic electric eel

Poraquê (po - ra - quê)

The name for the electric eel is derived from the Tupi indigenous language which means "what to put to sleep". Eels are species of electric fish that live in rivers in the Amazon, reach up to 8 feet (2.5 m) in length, and are capable of producing up to 860 volts! Almost seven times the electricity produced by a wall outlet!

What are we doing?

How many species of electric eels are there? Where and how do eels live? How much discharge can they produce? These are some questions that we are answering to understand the life story of this fascinating animal. For this, we conduct scientific field work in the Amazon. Click on the video below for more information!

What did we discover?

See our discoveries in the comics and video animation! Download and share!

Did you know that there are different species of electric eels?



Did you know that eels hunt in groups?

Get involved

The project Poraquê offers the opportunity for you to help us and contribute to science through our science-citizen program. Contribute to our research to understand the electric eels who live in your region.



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